[SiDiao] The infinity of Bonsai carving art
Cheng, Cheng-Kung's Creations series


Juniperus -  08


    One of the important issues for bonsai creation is how to catch the specific characteristic and spirit of each species. For example, Juniper – the most famous species- is grown in the high altitude mountain, steep topography and barren land. Affected by the violent geography and climate, it always forms natural imperishable relicsSariraSanskrit, Shari(Japanese)on its trunk and branches. Sarira is a dead part but is an awarding sign of conquering difficulties. Moreover, its branches develop with philosophy of “share and allowance” instead of “competition”. Seem dead on one side (Yin-nagtive) but still living on the other (Yang-positive); tender but never yielding; share but never competing; Juniper, in fact, fully reveals the value of overcoming and accommodation in adverse circumstances. Thus, the deepest art is how to present such features in our Juniper bonsai.  


Taiwan Juniperus, front view before work




Change angle,according design


water line


manual Sidiao


shari after Sidiao


mechanical SiDiao


shari after mechanical SiDiao


shari before SiDiao


mechanical SiDiao


shari after mechanical SiDiao


water line before work


water line after work


front view after work


back view after work


left view after work


right view after work


front view, shari after SiDiao


back view, shari after SiDiao


left view, shari after SiDiao


 shari after SiDiao


shari after SiDiao


shari after SiDiao


shari after SiDiao


mechanical tool - MS-101


menual tool